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About Us

In 2000 we started providing technical project management services, aiming at being the go-to company for those seeking high quality services in the field of private technical projects.

With many years of experience and expertise, we are able to identify the ideal partners who will undertake the construction project, and set precise time schedules, according to the client needs and requirements, as well as fulfill them in a consistent manner.

At the same time, we ensure the smooth and flawless operation of the construction site, in compliance with all the required safety standards.

Finally, we manage the project budget in the best possible way, in order to meet client requirements; we select the appropriate personnel that would be able to solve any unexpected technical problems that may arise, under our guidance.

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As a company, it is particularly important to us to meet the specific client needs and to ensure the perfect organization of each project. Therefore, we provide technical consultant services, perfectly tailored to these needs, in order to be able both to meet the technical safety standards of each project and each client’s requirements, as well as remain within the available budget.


KELNTA S.A. covers a wide range of assessment and design regarding infrastructure and private technical projects.


Environmental Assessments

Taking into consideration contemporary environment-related demands, and in a context of rising climate change awareness, we consider it our duty to take a stand and fulfill our role by highlighting the importance of environmental studies today, more than ever before. Thus, the purpose of these assessments is to ensure that every project bearing the KELNTA S.A seal is built in compliance with all the regulations, and respects its site and its environment.

Techno-economic Design

Meeting the requirements of contemporary companies, we carry out techno-economic assessments that aim at ascertaining the level of risk and the viability of each option, in order for us to be the consultants you have been looking for. Our purpose is to always seek the best solutions that lead to the maximum profitability for each company.

Architectural-Structural Design

The company carries out architectural and structural design studies, based on the applicable legislation, regulations, and provisions, as well as on the specific client requirements regarding aesthetics, and in order to ensure that each building or project can meet high quality standards. In this way, we ensure the safety of each building and the optimal results for our clients.

Electromechanical Design

Our team of engineers carries out electromechanical design assessments and ensures the acquisition of the appropriate permits, either for construction or for the installation of cooling and heating systems, as required for the integrated implementation of each project.


Strategic planning is an essential component of any comprehensive assessment and any business plan to be implemented. Being aware of the needs of a modern company from the inside, we offer you the support you need in order to carry out together the planning that will bring you optimal results and will meet your individual needs in the best possible manner, by solving any potential problems and by proposing solutions that will bring you maximum profit every time, in every new project.

Commercial Real Estate Management

We undertake the management of commercial real estate, aiming to ensure their smooth operation and development. The company already supervises or owns such real estate, not only meeting every safety and aesthetic standard, but also fulfilling the high standards and needs of the occupants.